About us

Austria's Young Naturefriends (Naturfreundejugend Österreich) is one of the largest youth organisations of Austria. The national organisation, 9 federal institutions and 460 local groups have a great offer for about 50.000 Naturefriends-members aged less than 30 years and all children and young people who are interested in sports and nature.


Our offer includes big events, personal experience of nature, climbing, hiking, rafting, mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding... even holiday camps and recreational facilities in Austria and across borders.


According to our slogan "Life starts outside" we keep a focus on alpine sports, winter sports and nature. The offer is for everybody - for beginners and for competitive athletes.
There are well-grounded trainings and education as well as sport seminars for our mainly honorary staff members, in order to be able to ensure the quality of our services.


All activities focus on social, sustainable, democratic and educational aspects which are combined with humans and nature. 

Austria's Young Naturefriends aim to act exemplary with aspects like gender equality and achieving equal opportunities for all people.